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Over 2 decades ago, Chrissy jumped feet first into the healthcare industry and has never looked back. Throughout her career, Chrissy has successfully managed and transformed numerous medical and dental practices into highly profitable business entities with an approach of patient health first, production second.

Chrissy chose to advance her keen business knowledge with a stamp of approval by enrolling back into her Alma Mater, North Carolina A&T State University, studying to get her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Management. Chrissy is proud to keep her feet wet in the day-to-day operations of a healthcare organization as an active practice manager and assisting physicians and dentists with credentialing needs, new transitions, solo doctor to multi-location practice manager development training, and implementation of front office systems.  Chrissy is an insurance expert and a likable, down-to-earth practice coach who will help you reach your goals.

November 2018- present


Here is how we do it: 1. We find your practice's pain points during our free consultation, 2. You choose the right consulting style for you (in-person or virtual), 3. Your C. Lynn Management Team consultant helps you become a master at medical or dental practice management.



Professional Guidance

I have been working with C12 for over two years. Leaders limit their potential when they lead from isolation. That’s why thousands of faith-driven, results-minded CEOs and executives meet in C12 Business Forums monthly to encourage and challenge one another. These powerful groups of peers work together to make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and create solid plans for business growth, all while striving to create eternal impact far beyond the bottom line.

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