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Are you frustrated with insurance, wish your collections were better. Does your team seem disconnected and you just can't seem to get to the next level in your practice? Want to focus on your patients not all the other stuff?

We Can Help!


You deserve a better way to manage your dental practice’s revenue cycle management (RCM).


C. Lynn Management Services helps practices maximize revenue with our wide range of dental billing services that allow you to focus on what matters most – taking care of your patients and generating income.

 Our team, process and expertise ensures:

         Transparency: We use your existing practice

          management software

         Rapid communication

         Direct contact: A virtual team member

         available when you need them!

         Faster receivables turnaround

         Clean claims: Get paid 100% of what you’re

         truly owed from insurance companies

         Keeping 90-day account aging to zero

How we can help increase your income and reduce stress
by outsourcing your dental billing!






Improve Billing, Strategies

  & Collections

Let our clinical experience and knowledge improve your billing strategies and collections while giving your administrative staff their time back to increase treatment case acceptance.






Increase Team Happiness &


You’ll worry less about billing and insurance when you’re our client. Our team of verified experts handles the time-consuming, complicated process for you so that your in-house staff can focus on providing high quality patient care without interruption.





Spend More Time Focusing On Patient Care

Stop rushing around and spend more time focusing on patient care by letting us take care of the insurance and patient billing, working on aging claims, insurance verification, and interacting with the insurance companies.







Transparent Easy Claim Submission

We use your existing practice management software, and the connection is easy, providing you with transparency at all times and submitting claims that get approved quicker.







Safeguard From Embezzlement

Safeguard from embezzlement with separation of duties and assistance transitioning from check payments to EFT/ACH deposits directly into your account.






Assigned Dental Billing Experts

A Verified Dental Billing Expert is assigned to your practice to provide personalized management of your unique dental office needs. Think of us as virtual team members that function as an extension of your practice!

dental billing.jpeg

Managing Your Dental Billing Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain.

Our team will work hard to get your claims processed as quickly as possible so you can start getting paid faster than ever before. With our expertise and experience, we know how to handle any situation an insurance company throws at us. We are experts at removing all the headaches and frustrations that come with working with insurance companies and dental billing. You can stop jumping through hoops; we’ll do it for you!

Let us help you get billing back on track, save you time, and maximize your profits!

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your FREE Consultation! Call Now 804-356-5832

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